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Hello you! I am Cecilia from The Kitchens Garden.

Welcome to Letters To My Mother. Every Monday I will be telling the stories of growing up in a different time, a simpler time, a time when all those sustainable tips we are relearning now were normal and ordinary.

The early years of Letters to My Mother are set at a beach in the North Island of New Zealand. They are written in chronological order so feel free to read back.

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There is a ton of really cool stuff in the Kitchens Garden that I would love to share with you. They dovetail in beautifully with Letters To My Mother. It is a great tapestry - like life.

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Cecilia from The Kitchens Garden writes about growing up in a Simpler Time.


Cecilia At The Kitchens Garden

I am Cecilia, a NZer/Farmer/Writer. I have been blogging at The Kitchens garden since 2011. 🌟 Using story telling to show how easy it is to live your own Self Sufficient, Environmentally Sustainable Lifestyle ☀️