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I have happy memories as a very young child being read stories... a long long time ago. As an adult it is such a gift to be read a story especially a story that is personal and meaningful, and you do it so gently that I find myself shifting focus from my world to the one you are reading.

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I just LOVE listening to you read. You have such a calm voice and I love the descriptions. I see that I can read them for myself, but I don't need more things to read over the internet. Usually I avoid recorded things (especially videos), but I can work on little projects while you read.

I've recorded books myself (for my granddaughter) and I love reading out loud to people. I found that she's no longer listening to my recordings, so I wish I had an audience like you do. But I don't write my own stories. Thank you for doing this.

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I loved both of these stories and by writing the Boatbuilder's Daughter you certainly did write what you knew. You painted such a vivid picture, I felt like I was there with you as a 14 year old girl. I had read the story earlier but it really came to life when you read it out loud. Thank you.

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