May 27 • 31M

The Boatbuilders Daughter (audio unedited)

Write What you Know and the Boatbuilders Daughter. Two Stories from Letters To My Mother for your weekend listening!

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Cecilia At The Kitchens Garden
Cecilia from The Kitchens Garden reads about growing up in a Simpler Time.
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Today we have two short stories that were written and are read by Cecilia from The Kitchens Garden.

Thank you so much for popping in today and I hope you enjoy this reader supported podcast - these podcasts are FREE for ALL of May 2023.

Don’t forget these podcasts are unedited (and probably always will be) because I have way too much fun reading them to get all fancy and cut the mistakes out!

Have a lovely day.


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Letters to My Mother, The Collection, is a series of stories from my childhood growing up on a beach on New Zealand many, many years ago. They are interesting to untangle because they are written by an adult (me) using the memories of a child (me). Which makes them as interesting to write, as I hope they are to read, or listen to.

I would also like to gently offer that I am presenting these stories to you from my solitary desk in the midwest and I would be ever so grateful if you were able to throw a few dollars into my hat via the subscription.

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