May 13 • 20M

The Kitchen’s Garden Podcast. Episode Four - September 2011. (unedited)

In which a little girl called Cecilia melted her father's mothers silver teapot and got into terrible trouble.

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Cecilia At The Kitchens Garden
Cecilia from The Kitchens Garden reads about growing up in a Simpler Time.
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This story was written in September 2011 by Cecilia and read by Cecilia in 2023.

It was a laugh to write and quite fun to read for you because, as I was reading, a bird flew in the open studio door and bustled around my head and then a delivery van drove up the farm drive so Boo my dog rushed out of the studio barking loudly and barked all around the house to terrify the delivery person.

So, not only were we back in 1971 on the beach in New Zealand but we were also right here in 2023 in the studio on the farm!

Life is such a feat.

Have a lovely day.